Personal Training Services in DC

Understanding the hustle and bustle of city life, Ariel Bright Fitness models a mobile business which caters to your busy schedule; with a focus on flexibility you can attain your fitness goals in the comfort of training in your home, office gym, or apartment. You can train virtualy, or in person!


For those looking to train in a private studio setting, Ariel offers sessions in a studio conveniently located in downtown DC, just north of Thomas Circle.


Ariel's goal for each client is to create a dynamic relationship between the body and mind. In each session she facilitates building strength, flexibility, and anaerobic and aerobic capacity through proper movement patterns in a safe and effective environment. Ariel thrives on keeping each session interesting and deviates from the typical big gym routines which rely on machines. 


Whether you're a seasoned athlete or looking to train for the first time, Ariel's diverse knowledge and experience will allow for the creation of an effective program perfect for you.

Personal Training Options Include:

In-Home/ Apartment/Office Gym Training

Training in a Private Studio

Sports Performance

Daily Customized Fitness Plans

















*All Services Include:


Mobility and General Fitness Assessment

An assessment created specifically for the first training session to understand asymmetries and weaknesses in the body.  The results of the assessment will help shape the personal functional foundation of your program.


Personalized Training Program

Following a mobility and general fitness assessment, a personalized program is created based on results. 




Some Personal Training Benefits:


  • Accountability, which will help promote self-discipline

  • Finding and maintaining a fitness routine that sticks

  • Ongoing motivation and support to reach fitness goals

  • Nutritional support

  • Enjoying getting in shape with tons of variety

  • Learn correct movement partterns, and new efficient and effective ways to work out

  • Training for your schedule

  • Answers to your training questions

  • Jump start your current exercise program and get the results you want

  • Weight loss, and muscle growth

  • Stress relief through difficult times

  • Learn to achieve balance for life!

The burden of never trying is heavier than a dumbbell will ever be!

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